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Stilts Theater       (watch also:



Towering characters move about the audience, telling tall-tales to amuse all! 

nonverbale dance and funny jokes on stilts  

  with the mysterious *Fire Bird

     or *Harlekina 

*Lucia the Beauty

finds herself surrounded with suitors, and she chooses her favorite from the audience!

But that's not all; She also knows where the Apple of Immortality grows.

And whoever wins Lucia's favor might just get a magic apple of their own!

A comedic show

Who can guess who this fairytale figure is? 

 Exactly, * Flower Fairy

True, we don't see these fairies very often, 

but thatīs because we don't stop and check the flowers to see if one of them is at home. 

That's way this fairy thought she would grow big enough for all to see! 

 but she  doesnīt come with empty hands. She has magical wings that people can make a wish for. 

other Stiltsfigures:


Grande Madame




Lilly welcomes guests with a small gift of your choice
in a charming way, or sells stylish ice cream, drinks and popcorn during the intermission.

                              Fire Spirits, Halloween                                       Snow Queen, Fairy of Light, A Fairy Tale Christmas

                   Lucia the Cook of the Fairy Tale Forest welcomes the guests

more Walkingacts:


more picture you will see here

Promotion/Walking Advertising

Amuse potential customers with an unforgettable experience. 

Harlekina distributes your fliers with humor and charm.

*Customized characters and costumes also possible. Just ask!