Tecnical rider:

- A sound system to play a CD or for historical events live musical
accompaniment for the dance performances, fire shows, trapeze and aerial silk acts.

- For the fire show a performance space of approximately 4 x 4M is necessary.
For an indoor event the ceiling must be at least 3.5 m high.
There can be no flammable material on the ceiling in the area of the fire performance.
Fire alarms and sprinkler systems must be turned off during the performance.
 In small rooms, proper ventilation is necessary.

- For aerial performances a sturdy hook, beam or tree is necessary to hang the trapeze and silks.
To be hung on a tree, the branch needs to be about 20cm in diameter. The hanging point supposed to be approximately 1.50 m distance from the trunk and the tree must
be not rotten or sick. For the trapeze needs a minimum height of 4.50 m. For the silks a minimum height of 5m. It can be brought a ladder up to 8 m height

The assemblage of an aerial rig is possible if a site, with an even floor, of the following dimensions is provided: 6M wide, 4,5M long, 5-6M high.
Unimpeded vehicle access to the site must be guaranteed.
An event organizer or affiliated person must personally direct the vehicle to the site of assemblage; for daytime events, on the night before or as
previously arranged.

-The vehicle needs to remain in the general area of the performance as it is used as a dressing room and necessary to mount the stilts.